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The Console Core Shop is Currently Having a BIG SALE on Signatures! only 40 Core Cash! So Hurry up and post! *Limited time only

Console Core Shop is Now Open for Buisness! 9/4/10

The Console Core Shop is Now Open! The Console Core Shop is a Kind of like a store where you can buy content using "Core Cash". You earn Core Cash everytime you make a reply/post. and make topics.At the moment You get 1 Core Cash per post, and you get 3 Core Cash Per Topic. Right Now the only thing up for sale is a Signature request made by Loe Graphics™. So if you are a registered member Hurry up and post! and if you are not a member yet Hurry up and click register! :D

The Official Opening!

Thursday August 12 2010, The Official opening of ConsoleCore.Tk "Hello, welcome to! im glad to say that Console Core is "Open for Buisness" today.This Forum Community is made for all those gamers who just want to join in on some console discussions and mabye even meet new people who like the same things they do! So what are you waiting for Click register and Get Started!" P.s:If anyone is interested in applying for affiliation to the site PM ME when you access the Forums.

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